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Athena Therapy

Outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy in a private setting

Athena Therapy

Contract therapy services for skilled nursing facilties.

Athena Therapy

Consulting services for all your therapy business needs

Athena Therapy is committed to amazing for all your therapy needs.  We offer contract therapy services for skilled nursing and assisted living faculties.  In addition, we now have four free standing outpatient clinics in Ohio.  Finally, we provide a wide range of consulting services for healthcare organizations.  Please click a link below to find out more.

Outpatient Therapy Services

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in a small setting with individualized, one on one treatment sessions focused on you.

Contract Therapy Services

The best services at the lowest rates.  We are able to provide world-class therapy at rock bottom prices at skilled nursing homes.

Consulting Services

We offer a wide array of consulting services including in-house therapy conversion, business intelligence, and program management.  

I have engaged the services of Athena Therapy for over 7 years in multiple healthcare facilities.  The level of professionalism and patient-centered care deliver is clearly a priority to them. I have seen underperforming therapy departments become thriving, customer-driven programs under the leadership of Athena Therapy.  They foster a sense of team with my nursing and medical staff that always puts the patient’s goals first.  Keeping my residents strong, health and at the highest level of function possible are predominant goals for me, and I can trust with Athena Therapy, we will accomplish that.

Marlayna, Director of Nursing  

Athena Therapy as bee a great effective asset to the facility.  The therapist is consistent and work well with the residents, families and facility staff.  Success levels are high for residents returning to home.  The discharge planning begins the day of admission with therapy following through to discharge and contract with the Home Health Companies regarding resident needs.

Laurie, Licensed Nursing Home Administrator  

Athena Therapy Blog

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