Vestibular Rehab

Why see our physical therapist for dizziness?

If you are dizzy, the cause may be due to an inner ear, or vestibular disorder. At Athena Therapy, our physical therapists specialize in an area of therapy called vestibular rehabilitation, in which we work to improve the symptoms of dizziness and the balance problems that you may also experience.

Much of our therapist’s job is to help get our patients moving again and manage the dizziness at the same time. Exercise and performing daily activities are the primary ways of accomplishing this goal. Our therapy team can provide essential coping strategies that make recovery more tolerable. If specific activities or chores around the house cause dizziness, then learning ways to perform them differently may help to keep the dizziness to a minimum. Activities that were simple before the vestibular disorder may become difficult and cause fatigue and dizziness. Our therapists help you work through some of these issues right away and get you moving, and back to a productive life more quickly.

 At Athena Therapy, we will work with you to develop a customized program to address your specific needs.  It is imperative to receive vestibular rehab immediately, as studies have shown that recovery occurs best within the first few months of a vestibular disorder.