In Home Outpatient Therapy Services

Unable to attend therapy services in a traditional clinic?  Athena Therapy offers a unique service, outpatient therapy in your home

In-Home Outpatient Therapy

If you are unable to attend therapy services in a clinic setting, we have the perfect solution for you!  Most insurances, including Medicare, will cover physical, occupational and speech therapy services provided within a patient’s home.  Athena Therapy offers the perfect solution by providing therapy in your home when you are unable to travel to our clinics.  This allows us to focus on the things that you are most struggling with at home in a functional therapeutic delivery model.  No need for transportation services with our in-home outpatient therapy program.

Is this home health therapy?

No, Athena Therapy is able to provide outpatient therapy services in a patient’s home.  However, this is very different from home health services, which oftentimes includes therapy services.

How is this different from home health therapy?

The biggest distinction between home health therapy and outpatient therapy delivered in the home is the patient’s status.  For an individual to receive home health therapy, the patient must be considered “homebound” and not able to leave their home.  To qualify for outpatient therapy in the home, the patient only has to qualify for regular outpatient therapy services.

Who would most benefit from in-home outpatient therapy?

There are many individuals that would benefit from in-home outpatient therapy, but this program is not the best solution for everyone.  Some examples of situations that would benefit from in-home outpatient therapy include:

Post-surgical/new injury:

In-home outpatient therapy is appropriate when transportation to/from clinic could exacerbate (need simpler work) an injury or surgical site.  Services provided in your home also carry less risk of infection if a surgical site is open. Some examples of this might be 1-2 weeks after a rotator cuff repair, knee replacement, or a carpal tunnel release.

Unable to drive:

If a patient lacks the physical or cognitive ability to drive themselves to appointments and additional transportation is not available, in-home therapy services could be beneficial.

Lack of transportation:

Individuals that do not have transportation options could benefit from in-home outpatient therapy services

Functional deficits within the home:

When a patient is having complications that severely limit their ability to complete tasks around their home, such as accessing the mailbox, getting in/out of the shower or climbing a flight of stairs, in-home outpatient therapy could tailor treatment within the patient’s home to develop solutions to increase independence.

Does this cost more than traditional outpatient therapy? 

NO! Medicare regulations state that therapy services can be provided in a clinic or within a patient’s home.  The allowable billable amounts at either location are the same; thus the amount billed to insurance remains unchanged, as do any co-payments, co-insurance or patient liability payments.  There is no premium charge to either you or your insurance for in-home outpatient therapy services.

Since therapy is occurring in my home, will I not get what I need to get better? 

Absolutely not!  Most therapeutic exercises would be the same in clinic versus in your home.  Our therapist at Athena Therapy are able to transport most equipment you would need to complete your prescribed exercises.  In most cases, we are able to provide more functional based exercises that target specific areas of difficulties you are facing in your home.  There are instances where clinic-based therapy would be more beneficial, as some exercise equipment and pain management modalities are unable to be delivered in your home.  Your therapist will inform you if and when transitioning to clinic-based therapy would be most appropriate.