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Committed to amazing is not just a catch phrase. At Athena Therapy, it is the core value

that all our services are built around. Our commitment begins with the patient, providing world-class therapy services to obtain the highest clinical outcomes. Every patient we touch should expect to get exceptional treatment tailored to the individual’s goals. Because of our commitment to amazing, we are able to provide exceptional therapy services at rock bottom prices.

PDPM Expertise

The Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is here and we are ready for it! As your therapy provider, we are here to be your expert in PDPM. We will assure that your patients will receive the highest quality of care with measurable, functional, well-documented outcomes. We will align with the facility partners to be sure that we are accurately capturing and documenting the clinical picture of the patient for reimbursement. We will closely monitor therapy compliance as it relates to PDPM using Optima’s Business Intelligence to be sure the new regulations are consistently followed.

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