Consulting Therapy Services

Athena Therapy is committed to amazing, whether you choose to use our contract therapy services or another model.  We provide oversight and consulting services for in-house therapy providers and those looking to switch to an in-house therapy model.  We offer robust tools to monitor therapy performance and maximize clinical outcomes, while managing costs.  With our vast outreach throughout the nation, we have expertise wherever you provide services.

Our services are designed to be custom to meet your needs.  They may include:

Regulatory Updates

  • Our services will provide you with education on new regulations and programs such as preparing you for PDPM and keeping you successful with all changes in regulations.

Patient Driven Payment Model Analysis and Education

Are you ready for success with the new Patient Driven Payment Model?  This is the largest change within the skilled nursing industry in nearly 20 years.  We are able to offer a full, detailed analysis that evaluates the impact of PDPM on your organization.  Our analysis allows us to highlight areas for improvement and allows us to develop a custom education plan with interdisciplinary involvement to correctly assess your patients and get reimbursed for the services you provide.  We offer clinical services for all disciplines, with expert consultants for MDS/nursing, therapy and other supportive services.

Outpatient Clinic Business Development

  • Our consulting services can include helping you to expand your service line to include outpatient therapy. We can help you navigate the entire process from initial planning, survey success to submitting your claims.

Outpatient Clinic Business Development

Looking to open an outpatient clinic?  Many healthcare providers are expanding services and a trendy option is for contract therapy providers opening outpatient clinics, either free-standing or in conjunction with other healthcare organizations.  We have experience with free-standing outpatient clinics, facility-based outpatient clinics, utilizing both the private practice and Rehab Agency models.

We can help you navigate through the whole process from initial planning all the way through submitting claims and revenue cycle management.  In addition, we offer supportive services, such as insurance verification and obtaining insurance contracts, for smaller outpatient clinics.

Compliance Support

  • We will custom design a compliance program for your organization or we can assist you by providing monitoring and audit/denial management services.

Compliance Program Development and Monitoring

Healthcare organizations continue to experience increased scrutiny in the form of audits, denials and investigations.  At Athena Therapy, we have intensive experience with in developing, implementing and maintaining an effective compliance program.  We can provide a custom compliance program for an organization that includes monitoring and audit/denial management or we can assist you in developing your own compliance program.

Implementation of Optima Healthcare Solutions

  • We are able to customize Optima to support your organization’s needs. If you are a new customer to Optima, we will make sure that you are successful through your implementation and we will offer advice to maximize the services Optima offers.

Optima Healthcare Solutions Implementation

When it comes to incorporating Optima Healthcare Solutions into your existing or new business, there is not another provider with more knowledge or experience.  We have assisted customers with implementation of Optima Healthcare Products across multiple healthcare settings.  Our Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Schlatt, has been recruited to speak nationally for Optima Healthcare Solutions on several occasions.  With our vast experience, we can make any implementation easier on your organization.

Implementation of Business Intelligence

  • We have expert-level knowledge and experience with using Optima’s Business Intelligence tool for our own organization. We will develop for your organization custom dashboards so that you have real time data in both financials and clinical outcomes. 

Business Intelligence Implementation

The ability to obtain and analysis data in real time is critical to success in today’s business world.  This is especially true in healthcare, where delays in acting could impact a therapy provider significantly; whether it being with clinical outcomes or financial considerations.  Athena Therapy is considered a “super-user” of Optima’s Business Intelligence tool.  We have help numerous customers develop and implement a successful Business Intelligence Program.

Program Development

  • As therapists ourselves, we will assist your leadership team in developing specific programs to meet your patient’s needs. 

Clinical Excellence and Program Development

We work with therapy providers on improving clinical excellence and assisting with program development.  Our programs have documented, proven results to improve clinical outcomes.  Programs such as Vestibular Rehab and Falls Management Programs are examples of program implementation that will assist your therapist and partners.

Business Development

Athena Therapy has developed multiple successful lines of business related to therapy services.  Additionally, we have assisted other with new business development and improving existing business through our mentoring programs.  If you are looking to start a new business or would like to enhance your current business, we can help.